[aprssig] PHAROS GPS 500?

K8YS k8ys at fuse.net
Mon Nov 2 18:25:57 EST 2009

I have several of these, one or two are branded Pharos, some are branded

There is a serial cable that can plug into the edge connector giving the
standard NMEA output.
Also, a couple options; one is a Bluetooth option, you plug the engine into
a dock and you have a Bluetooth GPS. Another option is a plug - adapter,
that converts the thing into a Compact Flash connector so that it can
directly plug into your Dell Axim. Another option is a USB adapter, serial
in, a "globby module" in the middle of the cable, USB out.

I happen to like these, the SiRF 3 is a hot receiver, built on a patch

If he does not have the cable, he may find it a cheaper option to buy a new
- OLD SOFTWARE - Streets & Trip with GPS to get the cable. I have bought
these at Half Priced Books for $10.00 because S&T was 2 years old.

Bob K8YS

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If its the model I think it is, they do actually have a serial base for 
it that snaps on in place of the usb one...  One of the guys locally is 
(or was at one point) using it with his opentracker..


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> I have a MS street and Maps with a GPS locator.  
>> It has a PHAROS GPS 500 sirf III GPS receiver...
>> The GPS system has what appears to be a encoder 
>> between the receiver and the USB cable..  The 
>> receiver is about a an inch and a quarter square, 
>> internal antenna. (no antenna input connector).
>> So the question is do you know anyone that has 
>> incorporated this PHAROS receiver into... APRS?
> Anyone?
> Bob, Wb4APR
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