[aprssig] National Jamboree APRS WEB page?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 29 08:07:14 EDT 2009

To get this 2010 Jamboree use of APRStt well understood and demonstrated to all participants in advance, we need a live on-line APRS Jamboree web page... now.  Maybe one of the APRS-IS authors would consider this project?

It displays on the Jamboree map (link below) the live positions of anyone entering their BXXYY* grid numbers.

It also has their DTMF callsign calculator so they can pre-store their callsign in DTMF memory.

The map needs to be fully connected to the APRS-IS eventually, but for now, it simply needs to be interractive on-line to get people used to entering their BXXYY* position.

I have developed the translation for the author of this web page and for the APRStt implementation that will convert from A-Z latitude and 01-37 Longitude grid using these equations:

LAT = 38/08.8680 + .0830 * (YY)
LON = 77/22.4015 - .1075 * (XX)

So all this web page  has to do is allow the web visitor to enter his CALLSIGN and his BXXYY* location just like he will do when he gets there with his DTMF keypad.

I toyed with the idea of actually using A-Z but then realized that no one with a DTMF HT will have the alphabet on their keys, so I grudgingly decided to let everyone WRITE the two digit 01 to 29 decimal LATITUDE onto their paper map if they want to use this system.  The vertical Grid has plenty of room for these hand written numbers.

Just start at A = 1 through Z = 26 and AA = 27 etc...

This then locates anything on the map with a 4 digit number. XXYY.  I have the upper left and lower right exact coordinates of the map, so that someone can enter this map into their APRS software.  Ill send that in the next email.
along with a fresh copy of the map with the latitude digits on it.


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>Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 06:56:15 -0400 (EDT)
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>Subject: National Jamboree APRS with DTMF!  
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>Cc: bruninga at usna.edu,<erin at cssincorp.com>,"Rick Ruhl" <ricker at cssincorp.com>
>APRS at the 2010 Jamboree can be used by anyone with just a DTMF HT!
>The 2010 BSA Jamboree map has a grid on it.  A-Z in latitude and 1-37 in Longitude.  This means we can easily run an APRStt (touchtone) gateway to let APRS see not only all the APRS portables but also anyone willing to key in 6 digits from their DTMF keypad.
>See map: www.troop116.org/jamboree/j01sitemap3.gif 
>You enter a position anywhere on the map with just the DTMF entry BXXYY* followed by your pre-stored DTMF callsign from a DTMF memory.  Thus, every Ham can report his troop's position at any time with the XX/YY grid, and can send and receive text messages.
>And he can query anyone else's position (with voice response) "WB4APR is at 23 X" for example.
>So all hams planning on having their HT at Jamboree should be thinking about how this can be useful to their organization and the Jamboree.  Especially having some laptops displaying the map at various locations for everyone to see.  Of course, Mom back home can also watch at any time via any of the APRS web pages.
>Of course, we need a central DIGI and a central IGate as well.
>To understand how APRStt (touchtone) works, see how we used it at Dayton.  www.aprs.org/aprstt.html  The software is being written by Rick Ruhl W4PC of CSS.
>And to see how it can be used for scoring, messaging, or numeric reporting from the field see the earlier email below.
>Bob, WB4APR
>> We can do it.... We have the technology...  
>> We used APRS for our Klondike Derby.  
>> Please see how effective it is on this page:
>> www.aprs.org/aprsevent.html
>> Do we have anyone who is on the inside 
>> that can help us see if this is worthwhile 
>> doing?  
>> We fielded 13 APRS handhelds just for the 
>> local Klondike Derby just in our half of 
>> the county.  Surely we can find enough
>> assets for supporting the National Jamboree.
>> Too many people think that APRS is only 
>> about GPS tracking and completely overlook 
>> the situational awareness, two-way comms,
>> and logistics advantages of exchanging 
>> digital info overlayed on maps.
>> I'd combine FRS voice reporting with APRS 
>> objects and trackers to get the maximum 
>> input, then displays at HQ, Infirmary, HAM
>> radio tent, etc...
>> Bob, Wb4APR

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