[aprssig] Q: OEM GPS mini-connector source

noskosteve at yahoo.com noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 14:48:17 EDT 2009

   Some OEM/imbedded GPS units that I acquired have a tiny, board mounted connector.  The female contacts slip into the body. These units also have 1pps and 10KHz. outputs, but my female connectors do not have contacts in those locations.  I see no identifiable manufacturer markings on the boards.
   I could use another complete female connector and some contacts to use the timing outputs in the future.

  Are these common and available?

They are:
Length = 0.329” / 10 mm.
Width = 0.112” / 3 mm. at the widest - smaller where it inserts into the male shroud.
Pin spacing = 0.039 / 1 mm.
and FWIW white 

  I can provide a macro pictures.

Local company abandoned a GPS project and a friend gave me a couple.

-- 73, Steve, K9DCI
--  http://k9dci.home.comcast.net/


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