[aprssig] Newbie APRS object question

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Thu May 21 22:31:59 EDT 2009

Please clarify "I can send APRS messages from my PC to RF".  Is that 
DIRECTLY to RF?  Or via APRS-IS?  If it is directly (you've got your own 
TNC, radio, and antenna) then you can certainly send objects directly 
out over the local RF (with appropriate software like xastir) that will 
be digi'd (assuming a path that calls for digi and that the local digi 
can hear your station).

If you "send APRS messages from my PC to RF" via APRS-IS (the Internet), 
then you cannot directly get an object onto RF.  IGates have special 
software that "remembers" stations "recently" heard "locally" (quotes 
representing arbitrary concepts) and monitors the APRS-IS feed for 
messages destined to one of those stations.  If it sees one (and it is 
set up to gate Internet to RF), it will transmit the message over RF 
along with the most recent position packet heard from the originating 
station.  However, the IGate software will NOT do this for objects heard 

So, I'm still trying to clarify your words to make sure they mean what 
others are assuming they mean.  The words themselves ("send APRS 
messages") actually have two possible meanings as outlined above.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Clarifying APRS over RF as opposed to APRS-IS and 
the transparent roles of IGates and the "magic" that they do...

Fred Eckert wrote:
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ wrote:
>> One question that no one has asked yet.  Are you AT the Digi?  Or are 
>> you trying to put an object onto APRS-IS (the Internet) and expect 
>> that, with the proper path, some IGate or Digi will pick it up and 
>> send it out over the "local" RF?  If it's the latter, I'm afraid 
>> you're out of luck unless you're close friends with an IGate operator 
>> where you'd like the object to be transmitted.
> I am not at the digi. I was hoping to do the latter. I can send APRS 
> messages from my PC to RF. Why can't I send objects? Do I need some 
> sort of authorization to transmit objects to RF from the local IGate 
> operator?
> Thanks for the enlightenment.
> Fred
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