[aprssig] Newbie APRS object question

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Hello again,

No replies on this yet. I am not sure if my question is too broad or if I am sending it to the wrong group?

I found Bob's local area information initiative document and it has answered a few of my many questions. My latest question is would be able to properly enter this object myself and keep it local or does it need to be done by the local digi owner?

Thanks for any response. 


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Hi all,

I am new to APRS and amateur radio. I would like to create an object in the APRS system that shows my favorite local repeater.

I have read a bunch of Bob's info but I have not come across a document that describes the protocol for adding objects. Can someone direct me to something?

I will be using Xastir 1.8.2 and the aprsfl.net t2 server. 


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