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Ron Tonneson ron.tonneson at gmail.com
Sat May 16 21:26:31 EDT 2009


Many digipeaters will not respond to RELAY, TRACE or WIDE (with no 
numbers) as these aliases are considered obsolete in North America.

I use WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 on my D7

See the following for more information:


Ron - K0QVF

Josh Smith wrote:
> I am just starting to toy around with the built in APRS features of my
> th-d7a(g) and have things (mostly) working.  I've been playing around
> with the path settings today as the default (relay,wide) setting
> didn't seem to allow my messages/position information to make it
> beyond the single digipeater in my area.  I have changed this setting
> to relay,wide4-4 and things seem to be working much better now.  I'm
> not very confident in my understanding of this setting but I believe
> that this means that my packet will be digipeated by upto 4
> digipeaters before it "expires".  Could some one tell me if my
> understanding is correct?
> Also what is the difference between using wide and trace in the path
> setting and which should I use for my normal operations?
> Thanks,
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