[aprssig] Newbie Path Question

Josh Smith juicewvu at gmail.com
Sat May 16 21:17:33 EDT 2009

I am just starting to toy around with the built in APRS features of my
th-d7a(g) and have things (mostly) working.  I've been playing around
with the path settings today as the default (relay,wide) setting
didn't seem to allow my messages/position information to make it
beyond the single digipeater in my area.  I have changed this setting
to relay,wide4-4 and things seem to be working much better now.  I'm
not very confident in my understanding of this setting but I believe
that this means that my packet will be digipeated by upto 4
digipeaters before it "expires".  Could some one tell me if my
understanding is correct?

Also what is the difference between using wide and trace in the path
setting and which should I use for my normal operations?

Josh Smith

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