[aprssig] That tactical callsign argum -- uh, thread...

rttyman rttyman at ukr.net
Wed May 13 11:56:37 EDT 2009

K9SQL Bob wrote:

> Sergej, your perception is that it is a little option, but the reality is
> that this would be a major headache for hundreds, if not thousands
> of stations; just to offer a minor convenience to you.

> Your suggestion is not optimum.  Why waste a whole character
> of a very short field?

Again: no need to change in setting of hundreds or thousands users. No
need to cut char from the short field, no need zero! Its was first and
not optimum idea, after discussion here we found better, please re-read
carefully the thread or see summary below.

Last idea is only to make additional option in servers filter set:

Prefix filter pass to downlink whole data based on Prefixture (as now and
should be by default option in future)

On user choice Prefix filter pass to him data based on prefixture only of ham
callsigns in source field of packet. Its should be on choice of each user if he wants.

What advantages:

1) Users who not interested in this modification not take attention
and continue use his old setup as there no changes for them;

2) Tactical signs and other packets with ALIASes in source field will
continue present in whole APRS-IS as now and can be seen by default;

3) As it will be made in server code its will be universal: no need
to setting up another local server or "proxy", just use most of the
available APRS-IS in network. (no problem if local server shut down or

4) Filters become more flexible: if user consider necessary of tactical
callsigns and Aliases - use and get it from APRS-IS, consider unnecessary -
not get and save on incomming traffic! Let give a choice to people.

> If this was such a huge problem, there would be a lot more people
> complaining about it.  So far, you are the only one.

We can write up document with the signatures of users and sysops
APRS, who will support idea of these additions... If there someone
too would like, please contact me by personal e-mail message!

Thank you all who put attention to this thread. I'll back later.

73, Sergej

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