[aprssig] Your U_R filter

rttyman rttyman at ukr.net
Mon May 11 10:10:04 EDT 2009

> We seem to have a failure to communicate, though your english seems  
> good, perhaps you just miss the subtleties. This need to be on your end.

> Steve K4HG

I'm all fine understand, but solution can be take place to done
in server s/w as option.

What advantages:

1) Not needed to pass a useless (for some one) traffic that end user or
end Igate; (save on internet and RF traffic)
2) If it will be made in server's code its will be universal.
(no need in setting up another local server or "proxy", just use any
of the available APRS-IS in network)
3) Of course all on choice of user/sysop, there is not a compulsion
not to pass tactical call-signs, if your local network needs it,
just NOT switch exclude option to be send it from APRS-IS for you.


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