[aprssig] Re : Re : NWS ON rf

rttyman rttyman at ukr.net
Sun May 10 18:28:33 EDT 2009

Hi, John.

> Generally there positions wouldn't be in EI, and we don't gate them
> to RF, so it's not a problem.

Its right, but sad that not all do same.

> Solution to what?  I don't see a problem. If the agency I'm dealing
> with/showing maps to calls it an ICP, and I call it an ICP, I put it  
> on the map as ICP, why would I put it up as "0ICP"?. That makes no  
> sense at all?

This will be solution in your case for Italian hams not to see "ICP"
on their end, if this "ICP" sign come to APRS-IS. But Zero not assigned
to any ham prefix 0ICP would not be a problem.

But Steve in last message give example of special filters, i'm will
hope that its will be added in APRS-IS options soon.

Its all, GN for now.


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