[aprssig] Re : Re : NWS ON rf

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun May 10 17:36:40 EDT 2009

On May 10, 2009, at 5:26 PM, rttyman wrote:

> If you use its locally is all on your own risk, but when its pass to
> Internet backbone and if this call begin with prefix char of other
> country (not EIxxxx) your tactical data become just a QRM for other
> hams in network outside area where this tactic is actual.
OK, maybe you missed the news. IT IS NOT QRM. Everything that is  
transmitted on a local RF network belongs on the APRS Internet System  
(with the sole exception of third party packets, which are  
retransmitted packets which have already appeared on the APRS IS). I  
designed it that way, it has worked well for well over a decade, and  
it will not change. Period.

If there is something on the APRS IS which is causing you problems, it  
is up to you to develop a solution to filter the data. You cannot  
dictate what can and cannot appear on the APRS IS. Period.

Steve K4HG

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