[aprssig] Re : Re : NWS ON rf

rttyman rttyman at ukr.net
Sat May 9 18:56:55 EDT 2009

> If programming is so easy, why don't YOU write a filter to remove  
> tactical callsigns from your own feed. One programmer writes one  
> program to solve your problem.

My problem - no, this problem of most who run aprs for HAM usage,
 some not take attenion on it, but time will come and make attention too!
(as Danny ask in this thread about gating to RF area some of not local
tactical calls or like Lezsec confirmed that this useless (for French
hams) data present too.

Why only my feed? Why not have possiblity to connect to any of
APRS server worldwide and request RX only that data what need?

>  That makes a lot more sense to me than
> having dozen of programmers and hundreds of users make changes to  
> solve your problem, no?

No, its not need. Only on-fly converter in server software.

Or... Make special filtered connect-port where excluded calls w/o
number in source field (as most tacticals, CWOPs & other non-ham
related). Only modification in server s/w, not need dozen of programmers,
as you said before. Who need to see all will continue use default ports,
who need have as more as possible HAM data will connect to new port.


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