[aprssig] NWS ON rf

Danny Pease dpease at adams.net
Fri May 8 17:30:30 EDT 2009

I have a question about WX information from the NWS in Davenport, IA is
being gated to RF on APRS. The following appears on RF north of me near
Muscatine, IA. I do not see this myself, but a friend up there, NW0X, is
seeing this on RF. NW0X is on RF only, no internet.

DVNSWO>APRS,qAS,WXSVR:;DVN_OUTLK*090915z4124.00N\09101.20WyCheck For
Activation {8IFAA

My question is, how do you tell who is sending this to RF?

Danny  NG9R

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