[aprssig] Looking for an appplication ?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed May 6 14:15:32 EDT 2009

> Telstra agent) told him to get a dirt cheap phone and forgo the nice
> features (music players, radios, GPS, etc). Nice phones get stolen out
> of backpacks at the local Uni with amazing speed. The black market for

Good advice.  I paid $20 for my V400 on eBay, already unlocked.  It's 
more reliable and has better voice quality than my $400 Windows-based 
smart phone and I don't worry about losing it or having it stolen.

For all of its bells and whistles, my Samsung SCH-i760 is NOT a very 
good device for simple, reliable communication.  After my car accident I 
called 911 and got through that call OK, but then it somehow got stuck 
in emergency mode, which conflicted with the data connection or 
something, and it took a couple of resets (and it shut down on its own 
once) before I could finish calling the people I needed to call.

My new Pathfinder has a compartment in the center console that's got 
120W of DC available, and a cover over it that sits underneath the 
console lid.  I'm tempted to put my tracker hardware in there, and make 
a custom replacement for that cover with controls and status indication, 
including an emergency switch with a big safety cover on it.


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