[aprssig] Looking for an appplication ?

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Tue May 5 08:08:37 EDT 2009

Just wondering how I send a SMS text to "aprs at tomh.us" ?

Not everyone can send email from a phone (way too expensive for many,
and often blocked anyway) but SMS text's cost only pence, or are even
sometimes free to send.

Also, SMS text's can only be sent to a mobile number (full international
number format) not an email address.   At least in the rest of the GSM
world outside of the US AFIK.


Dave G0WBX.

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> For those of you who haven't been following the thread:
> I developed an email system for requesting an APRS station's status.
> To get a station's status (last heard, location, and APRS 
> status), just send an email or SMS with the station's 
> callsign to aprs at tomh.us.
> You should receive a reply in a minute or so.
> > Thank you so much! This should be a really useful application.
> You're welcome! I'm glad so many people have found it useful.
> > I agree with Jeff that adding the actual lat/long might be 
> a nice addition.
> >
> > It's a minor thing, but it would also be nice if you sent 
> email with a 
> > subject. Perhaps something like "Location of <callsign>" or (my 
> > preference)
> > "RE: <original subject>"
> These have been popular requests, and are simple to do, so I 
> have added them. There is a caveat though. SMS is limited to 
> 140-160 characters depending on your carrier. These two 
> features add a number of characters to the overall message, 
> so your message may be truncated. The longitude is the last 
> thing listed, so let me know if it seems truncated. I have no 
> control over this. It's usually done in the carrier's 
> email-to-SMS gateway.
> > And perhaps you could get it to work with rich text... 
> (although this 
> > hasn't been a problem for me so far).
> Parsing multi-part email is more complex than plain text. I 
> intended this application to be used with SMS. If you're at a 
> computer, you can just look at the station on aprs.fi. If 
> there is a valid use case for rich text and this application, 
> I'll consider supporting it. (Is anyone familiar with a good 
> email parser library/class for PHP?)
> 73
> Tom KD7LXL

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