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Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Tue May 5 04:09:44 EDT 2009

I thought I had read much of that before.  A very similar article was on
the Hackaday site a year or so back.

The biggest single issue, is that as the article here etc says, if you
switch the Onstar's GPS from MotoBinary mode to NMEA, the vehicle's on
board Onstar system error's.

No doubt someone could "do" a single chip Atmel/Pic or whatever, to take
the MotoBinary data, extract what's needed for APRS, and then spit out
NMEA strings for our needs, leaving the on board OEM systems happy and

Or, perhaps a "special version" tracker that is happy with the Motorola
Binary format and does the APRS thing indipendantly.  No need for a
D700/D7/D710 etc then, probably take the unmodified data (no need for
RS232 conversion) too.

Just musing...


Dave G0WBX. 

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> Has anyone successfully interfaced the Kenwood D700 with 
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