[aprssig] APRS touch-tone

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 4 09:59:43 EDT 2009

> I'm very curious if anyone has implemented 
> APRS Touch-Tone. How they did it and how 
> it is working for them. 

Yes!  We finally have an author writing a sound card
implementation that will be released at Dayton.  In fact, if you
bring a DTMF HT to dayton, at his booth, you can pick up a map
of the Hamvention and as you move about the venue, you can
transmit your position to the nearest 100 feet or so with 4 key
strokes "Bxy#".  You will show up on all APRS maps and systems.
You get your "xy" coordinates from the pocket map:

Last year we were trying to motivate all the repeater
manufacturers to add APRStt to their controllers, but this got
deadended because we realized we could never get a standard set
of tones across all MFR's and so this would cause nothing but

So now we are targeting the application to operate on a local
simplex frequency, such as 146.58 if available in an area and
also to be used at special events so you can track the non APRS
VIP's as they move around.


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