[aprssig] KC2TUA/KC2UFG Ballon QRM

Ron ve1aic at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 22 16:12:35 EDT 2009

OK the balloon is out of my range now and approaching Nfld.

I respectfully disagree that the effect of these transmissions was either minimal or short-lived.

>From 30,000 ft the APRS signal was being heard by nodes over 300 miles away, which could be about 25 digipeaters...although some would hear their neighbors transmission and not repeat.
Not to mention every home station that has WIDE1-1 set for digipeating.

This has about 10 times more effect than a mobile driving by at 60mhp.

In this case the duration of the pass was also significant. From approx 08:20z to 19:30z it was heard in my area.

While the effect to our APRS network was not severe, the 147.000- repeater took a significant beating for about 10 hours thanks to KC2UFG transmitting on an inappropriate frequency.

I am very disappointed that people planning such extended balloon expeditions do not take these things into consideration.

It has been discussed on this group a number of times and I though there was an understanding of proper beacon rates and paths.
Especially the consideration of such rates while aloft (>1000ft),
eg: direct paths only and reasonable beacon rates based on coverage/average speed.



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