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Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Mar 17 14:39:41 EDT 2009

Some people have emailed me asking for more info on Keith's condition.  
He was recently moved to an intensive rehab facility in Albuquerque.  
There is a web site at the U of NM Hospitals with daily updates,  
written by him for the last month and his wife Debbie before that. You  
have to do a free registration to get access to the site.


For those that do not want to register, here is one of the first  
messages Keith wrote, a summary of his injuries.

Steve K4HG

Somebody asked for me to give a full list of my injuries so you have a  
better idea what I am going thru. How they asked the question was very  
well written

"....There is absolutely no doubt that you are indeed a medical  
miracle, but to get a better idea of where you were just 4+ months ago  
from wound vacs, to the braces and the unknown reasons for muscle  
spasms to where you are today could be inspiring to others!"

After reading this, you will realize that I went thru a LOT.

Fortunately, I don't remember anything of the flight and accident. I  
don't remember most of the week before the accident either. And I  
don't remember the month of ICU after the accident. The accident was  
Oct 10th. I remember from Nov 10th on. I was not the pilot in command,  
my friend was flying. The FAA inspector has explained to me what did  
happen, so I know what went on, but I just don't remember any of it.

There was a cop running a speed trap on the road right next to where  
the accident was. The firetrucks and ambulances where on the way even  
before the accident was over.

I was transported to the hospital by helicopter. The Hospital was the  
University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH), which is one of the best  
trauma centers in the southwest.

I landed on my right foot and right side. I broke the following:

Broke my right foot pretty bad. (Cast for 3 months)
Broke right lower leg, there is a rod in my lower leg
Broke right upper leg, there is a rod in my upper leg
Broke right hip. This was broken two years ago, they removed the  
screws that were there and put in new screws.
Broke my pelvies
Broke L2 and L4, damaged my spinal cord a little.
Broke SEVEN ribs on my right side
Collapsed both lungs
Punctured both lungs

They put a bracket in my back around L2 and L4, along with a device  
that looks like a bottle jack. SERIOUSLY, it looks like a screw  
activated bottle jack used in car shops. This 'jack' is to keep the  
vertebra spaced properly as they heal.

They cut a small piece of bone from one of my good rib to help repair  
my spine.

I did not damage any internal organs. I did not damage my head and I  
did not damage my arms. My arms have some nerve issues. Possibly from  
a bruise on my spinal cord in my neck. This is unknown because if  
there was a bruise it was too small to be detected by MRI..

What is ironic is that my spinal cord injury makes my LEFT leg all  
messed up nerve wise. Lots of spasms in my left leg and hip. I have  
lots of weird feelings, or lack of feelings in my left leg, my hips  
and pelvis area. I can move everything, just the feelings aren't what  
they should be.
These feelings are coming back slowly, but may take a long while.

My current issue is to increase the strength in my legs, hips and  
torso so I can get standing better and longer. Once standing better,  
with more strength, I will be able to walk.

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