[aprssig] Ham Test Icon ?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 17 10:08:13 EDT 2009

>> The EYEBALL symbol ... is bigger than the rest...
>> But this doesnt show on clients that use one 
>> dimensional windows icons...
> I think you mean most symbols sets are of a 
> single size. One dimensional symbols would be 
> lines. Last time I looked all the  
> "windows" symbols were two dimensional...

Sorry for the over simplification...  I meant the other
dimensions besides location.  APRS symbols were designed to have
additional visual attributes (dimensions) of space, size, time,
color, speed, type, message capability, and status, so that a
user did not have to click on each one to see this valuable

See:  www.aprs.org/symbols.html

The other 8 attributes visible to the user by color in the
original APRS symbols were:

WHITE: . . Full-up APRS station that is message capable 
GRAY:. . . Tracker/mobile without message capability 
CYAN:. . . Moving with CSE/SPEED or a Dead Reckoned Station 
BLUE(dark) Previous position of a MOVED station or object 
YELLOW:. . Active OBJECTS you are transmitting to the net 
VIOLET:. . Objects placed on the map by others 
Dark GRAY: Old Symbols not updated in the last 80 minutes 
BLACK: . . Old Symbols "killed" by the originator 
RED: . . . Emergency, Alarmed, or otherwise unknown symbols 
CIRCLE:. . Circles that show any ambiguity (0.1, 1, 10 or 60 mi)

ACTIVITY . This bit indicates if an operator is present. (new)

This gives the viewer instant recognition of the situation
without having to click on all surounding symbols on the map to
find out these critical elements of the stations in the net.
The easiest way to add these attributes to the single-size
windows/mac icons would be to add a color border.


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