[aprssig] Memory Management SW for D700

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 16 22:52:36 EDT 2009

 If I missed any requests for my radio spreadshets...sorry.  This should fix it. 

   All 4 of my Radio Memory Management / Radio Control spreadsheets are now available on my site.  URLs Below.
  The Excel sheets are all pretty similar, but the ones I did earlier aren't as clean looking as the later ones.
   There's a little info below, but detailed docs on the site.

   Getting just a bit crazy trying to track and send these via email, so....I bit the bullet and set up a web site.  Should'a long ago.
  The site formatting may be simple, but with the Comcast El-Simpo publishing tool and browsers on my older PC and the Mac, I had to do a little raw HTML coding.  Never did any B4...whew!

Manage Radio Memories with an Excel Spreadsheet !
Click on a Freq or Mem to tune. Click to capture Radio freq.
All Memories on one page. Cut, Copy, Paste, Print 'em...

Versions for these Radios:
TM-D700 |       TH-F6A     |   TS-2000    |  Icom 706MkIIG
All PMs |   Does .fx files |   Sat Mems   |  Easy Mem Tones

More Details, Features and Downloads at:
73, Steve, K9DCI  http://k9dci.home.comcast.net/
You know that sea of entropy we were going to drown in?  Well, upon closer examination, it turned out to be ignorance.  S. Noskowicz 1987


   These are Excel Workbooks for PC.

   Only the F6 version does reads/wtites Kenwood MCP (.fx) format files.
   The D700 Workbook handles all 6 PMs (Off & 1 - 5). 

   I have similarly featured versions for:
 -- Kenwood TH-F6A (also reads & Writes Kenwood (.fx) Format data files)
 -- TS-2000 which saves multiple banks of all 10 Satellite  memories.
 -- Icom IC-706MkIIG [which has a really nifty method to
    easily put CTCSS freqs into mems even though there is 
    no CAT  command for it.}
 Salient virtues of the D700 Version:
   Does not require turning off PKT TNC before transferring  data.
   Single Click Daylight Saving time change of Clock and 
      all PM Time Zone Offsets (ready for download to radio).
   Use all Excel features i.e. Cut, Copy Paste, Drag, 
       Formulas, Auto Increment, etc.
   Doesn't hog the port - releases it when idle.
   No DLLs to load, just the Workbook (of course you need a 
       PC and Excel 97 through 2007).  You must enable Macros 
       when you open it.  I don't know how to do anything 
       nasty to your computer.
 Read/Write all radio Memories. 
   Abbreviated entries. 
       (first letter; Whole number for CTCSS)
   Everything for one Memory on one line.
   All Memories on ONE sheet - one view.  1-200 L0-U9, both Call
   DTMF Memory Read/Write
   User selectable memory groups and sections.
   A really cool progress bar to let you know what is happening.
   Click to change the active Memory in the Radio. 
 Read/Write Menu items in all 6 PMs (Off – 5)
   Pop-up menus and in-cell help choosing values.
   This includes all VFO settings (all 9 Sub-Bands)  
   Click to change the active PM in the Radio.
 Real time Control of Radio
   Enter frequency, Mode and Rx in sheet.
   Click to tune.
   Click to grab Radio Frequency, Mode, Receiver into sheet.
       Shows Memory info if in Memory mode.



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