[aprssig] Memory Management SW for D700, Does ALL PMs

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 10:10:10 EDT 2009

Dave, and others evesdropping...

   That's just my email (I sorta' assume everybody knows about the ARRL e-mail forwarding service).  Shame, shame, shame...

The "@" sign indicates an email address, not a web URL.

  My D700 Excel CAT sheet is not "on the web" yet.  All my other Excel CAT workbooks are already posted in the respective Yahoo Group's Files Areas ( actually, three each),  but I haven't uploaded the D700 version yet.  I better do it today because managing all the requests in email is getting to be work.  This CAT sheet generated much more interest than the others.
  I'll add you to my D700 email group and you'll get a copy later today.  Then, I better get it posted on the Yahoo D700 Group Files Area.

CAT = Computer Assisted Transceiver (or so I am led to believe)

  I may know Excel VBA macros better than the average bear, but there is a bone in my head that doesn't allow me to learn about, or consider "malware" kinda' stuff. (:-)  Besides, the way Excel does things, there are enough opportunities to wreak havoc (staying in Excel) inside the programmer's brain in particular, to fill *my* day.
73, Steve, K9DCI
I must live my life to a higher standard.  It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it!   S. Noskowicz circa 1985

--- On Fri, 3/13/09, Dave Baxter <Dave at emv.co.uk> wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Memory Management SW for D700,  Does ALL PMs
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> Hmpf...
> OpenDNS rejects arrl.net (http://k9dci@arrl.net) or
> (http://www.k9dci@arrl.net)
> What's the full url for the download, and preferably on
> a more reachable
> site.
> As for your comment about not knowing how to do bad things
> to a users
> PC, if you know how to create and use Macro's in Excel
> (VBA) you know
> much of what you need.
> BEWARE!!!  There are "in the wild" exploits for
> Excel doing the rounds
> right now, that uses an as yet unpatched vulnerability in
> MS Office
> (Windows AND Mac!)
> Take care.
> Dave G0WBX.
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