[aprssig] AEA PK 80 TNC setup

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 19:26:50 EDT 2009

John unless the PK80 has KISS mode I do not believe that it will work
properly on APRS.

It's been years since anyone mentioned that old TNC but it's an AEA. AEA was
not a TNC2 compatable clone, some of those TNC's could be made to work with
the proper command set choices but some other models were not compatable.
One thing that I seem to remember was that the headerline was quite
different and that the MON command was not MON ON/OFF but MON 1-4. The MON
could be set to 3 I believe to make it work but unless you can split the
header line properly there is too much garbage and APRS will not parse the
data correctly.

Another way around it is to use a APRS program that can be set to KISS mode,
if the PK80 has a KISS mode then set it to KISS and you will be on your way.

Good luck, I know I had problems myself with the PK-900 I used for the SFL
HF Gateway when I first started in 91' or so..boy those were the days! In
the PK-900's case it was the level of monitor that I used. MON 0 is off and
you will see nothing, MON 4 you saw way too much and I think it added some
things to the data line that confused APRS so you saw the raw data but
nothing would pop up on the screen. I think MON 3 on the PK-232 and PK-900
were just right.

Rich K4GPS
Hurricane Ranch
Sharon SC

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I'm trying to power up one of these and would like to know how to setup the
switch settings on the back. I'd like to set it up for 8N1 and 2400
baud on the tnc side and 1200 baud on the radio side. Can anyone help?



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