[aprssig] DSTAR Freq in Status text?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 11 21:04:27 EDT 2009

> Is there anyway I can denote that it is 
> DStar and not analog in my Status text?  
> ie. FFF.FFF d* or something like that?  
> I would like people to know I am not on 
> analog at the time when I have d* on.

Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in encouraging the DPRS conversion to implement the FFF.FFFMHz part of the APRS format.  I do understand that D* and APRS are apples and oranges, but since the fact that the packet was originated on DSTAR is coded elsewhere in the packet, it could be easy to distinguish.

> Will other d-710s only pickup the freq if it 
> has Mhz as the last 3 characters of the 10? 

Yes, that is the "spec" it must be FFF.FF?MHz with the ? being a digit or a space...

My hope is that we have the best integration of D* and APRS as possible.  I do not have any DSTAR equipment, so if you have any ideas how we can better cross communicate these systems, I am all ears.  Especially in light of the Universal HAM Messaging Initiative: www.aprs.org/aprs-messaging.html that is attempting to make sure any ham system can text message any ham on any system from any system.


Bob Bruninga wrote: 
>> I have my RC-d710 now talking through my Icom 
>> 2820.  I was wondering, is there anyway to 
>> format the Status Text transmitted to include 
>> frequency you are on like a d710? 
> Sure, just put FFF.FFFMHz in the status text 
> of the D710.  That is the standard APRS format 
> introduced in APRS1.2.  It must be the first 
> 10 bytes of free-text in the position comment 
> or status fields. 
> I had also proposed that the DPRS interface 
> to the DSTAR system would include the frequency 
> in those packets gated from DPRS into the APRS 
> system, but I was unsuccessful in convincing 
> the right people of the value of being 
> compatible with the frequency field. 
> If that was done, then not only could we see 
> the locations of DSTAR users on APRS, but we 
> could also see their operating frequency for 
> a return call. 
> Bob, Wb4APR 

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