[aprssig] Garmin and APRS

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Sat Mar 7 17:37:46 EST 2009

At 05:46 PM 2/27/2009, Scott Miller wrote:

>As I think just about everyone here knows, I've been working a lot with
>the Garmin nuvi 350 because through some fluke its fleet management
>interface allows real-time waypoint creation (it's not part of the
>documented protocol), and it works perfectly for APRS.  The Tracker2 and
>now the D700/D710 or any other NMEA-capable tracker (with the GTRANS
>translator cable) can use it.

BTW, Radio Shack is selling the Nuvi 350 (refurbished) for $110 through the 
end of the month.


Which leads me to some other questions:

I recently purchased a Nuvi 265WT and wondered if anyone has figured a way 
to extract the data from the GTM-25 traffic receiver to a PC directly?  I 
assume this would also work with the MSN Direct receivers.  I understand 
that most of this data is available for free on the 'net, but it would 
still be a cool hack.

I have read that the GTM-25's LED is supposed to change colors when 
receiving RDS data, but I have never seen it change color.  It stays red 
even when I see it updating.  Perhaps Garmin removed this feature?  I was 
amused to find the "lifetime" FM traffic is AD SUPPORTED.  It's not too 

I like some of the features available to the Garmin, like the ability to 
send waypoints from Google Maps, but hate having to hook up a USB cable 
every time.  Why don't GPSr makers put a wireless interface in these things 
(not bluetooth)?  I know the Oregon and Colorado units have "ANT Wireless" 
in them.  Has anyone figured out a way to interface these units to a PC 
with Garmin's USB Ant Stick?

I'm using a 60CSx as my current handheld for APRS/D-Star and 
Geocaching.   I'd like to get a new GPSr to devote to Geocaching.  Looking 
at the Oregon, the Delorme PN-40, or maybe a Lowrance Endura.  I like the 
PN-40 except for it's small screen.   I'd hold off if I knew there was 
anything in the pipeline that will better these units.


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