[aprssig] DSTAR Freq in Status text?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 2 10:34:58 EST 2009

>> If that was done, then not only could we 
>> see the locations of DSTAR users on APRS, 
>> but we could also see their operating 
>> frequency for a return call.
> Bob, if a DSTAR user is gating his/her 
> position to the APRS-IS, then they are 
> probably reaching a gateway through a 
> D-STAR repeater system.  That being the 
> case, you don't need to know what their 
> operating frequency is for a return call.

But that is only for local users, right?

The DSTAR users has to be on the DSTAR network to make the call, and if you are a traveler in a distant area, you might not know the frequency of the local DSTAR node, so if you are not in the network, and don't have a frequency, then how do you make the call?

Of course, I have not seen DSTAR in operation, so I wonder if you can give us the big picture?  I went to the DPRS page www.aprs-is.net/DPRS.aspx but could not get a good flavor as to what the overall intent and process is other than showing the DSTAR mobile as a tracker on APRS.

I think the initiative to include voice operating frequency in APRS is gaining traction.  I counted 317 localinfo frequency objects just now.  It would be nice to see that info or some other useful info on DSTAR users on APRS. 

It would be  nice to see statistics on the number of mobiles that include their contact frequency in their packets.  Every D710 shows its current operating frequency... though I dont know how to find the statistics.  FINDU ignores the frequency data and the radio type.  I'd love to be able to search for software type and frequency.  Maybe some of the other more recent APRS-IS data miners easily sort this data?


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