[aprssig] KPC3+ WIDE setup

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 30 16:46:28 EST 2009

> I'm running a KPC-3+ w/ver 9.1...here is how I've got it set

I see you are creatively deviating from the
www.aprs.org/fix14439.html recommendations apparently so that
you can have more local objects.  If these objects are useful,
then your settings do make sense.  Buf first, there is no need
to have the FREQ both in the object name and in the object text.

;146.760-V*111111z3957.42N/08259.90Wr146.760MHz T123 R40m W8RXX


;146.760-V*111111z3957.42N/08259.90WrT123 R40m W8RXX...........

Also, we can improve on the timing somewhat.. instead of having
the random walk of packets from 4 different timers as you do
> 1 EVERY 00:23:00   <= via wide1-1
> 2 EVERY 00:17:00
> 3 EVERY 00:19:00
> 4 EVERY 00:21:00   <= via wide1-1

And having 4 different packets,

> LT
> 1 >111111zhttp://www.n8wct.com/n8wct-4/ 
> <zhttp://www.n8wct.com/n8wct-4/> 
> 2 ;146.760-V*111111z3957.42N/08259.90Wr146.760MHz T123 R40m
> 3 ;444.200xx*111111z3957.78N/08259.97Wr444.200MHz T151 R30m
> 4 =3959.91NS08301.32W#PHG9590/W2 OHn-N/Columbus UI-Digi &

I'd combine the digi's position packet with the web page packet.
In that regard, the "Columbus UI-digi & I-gate" are superfluous?
Or if it is important to indicate that this DIGI also has a
co-located Igate, then I would use the "I" overlay on the digi,
instead of the "S" overlay, and eliminate the "I-gate" words.

...W2,OHn www.n8wct.com/n8wct-4

Which would fit perfectly (28 bytes) onto the D700 display.  If
you do keep the ">" STATUS format, then there is no need for the
null 111111z field.  That is not needed in a STATUS packet.  The
problem of having both a STATUS packet and a position packet is
that they overwrite each other on all the mobiles (D7, D700,
D710, VX8R) and so you never see them both.  I'd say combine
them.  Then use the START parameter in the BLT's so that you can
get all your beacons on a standard synchronized cycle like this:

> 1 EVERY 00:20:00 START 00:00:00  (direct
> 2 EVERY 00:20:00 START 00:05:00  (direct
> 3 EVERY 00:20:00 START 00:15:00  (direct
> 4 EVERY 00:20:00 START 00:10:00  (via 1 hop

> LT
> 4 =3959.91NS08301.32W#PHG9590/W2,Ohn www.n8wct.com/n8wct-4
> 2 ;146.760-V*111111z3957.42N/08259.90WrT123 R40m W8RXX....
> 3 ;444.200xx*111111z3957.78N/08259.97WrT151 R30m W8RXX....
> 4 =3959.91NS08301.32W#PHG9590/W2,Ohn www.n8wct.com/n8wct-4
> 1 APN391 VIA WIDE1-1
> 2 APN391
> 3 APN391
> 4 APN391 VIA WIDE1-1

The result is a very predictible:  
1) DIGI packet with position and web page every 10 min direct
and everyother one goes via 1 hop.
2) Frequency object inbetween every 10 minutes direct with
alternating between the 2m and the UHF one.

> Notice the btext is not used, thus giving another "object" if 
> needed. Also note the repeater objects don't do any hops...

That could be useful for skywarn announcemnets etc...

Bob, Wb4APR

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