[aprssig] APRS legality

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Wed Jan 28 18:35:27 EST 2009

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> <all the continuing paragraphs and endless repetition snipped>
>> Bob,... I'd say over the last 12 years I've  
>> transmitted somewhere over 100,000 packets 
>> on HF and VHF APRS. Aside from a tiny handful 
>> of messages (probably less than 0.001%), 
>> none were directed at "one or more specific 
>> stations".  They were one-way transmission 
>> to whoever happened to be listening, and for reception  
>> into the APRS Internet System.
> Fine, that was your intent.
> Similarly, I have probably transmitted 100,000 or so packets too
> but the difference is that mine were all directed toward the
> local APRS network and the specific partitipating stations.
> None of mine (except the unattended remote telemetry station)
> were one-way transmissions. 


I think what Steve is trying to say that unless someone replied to each
one of those 100000 or so packets, they are, be definition, one way.

Your "drive time net" analogy does not work in your above stated case as
in a roundtable-type net, each station knows who are they addressing.
They may or may not be addressing the entire roundtable, but "go 'round"
each station addresses at least one other station, at very least when
they hand it off. Such a thing cannot be said for APRS.

Is APRS legal? FCC seems to think so. Does it really matter why at this

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