[aprssig] Pagers as part of the Text Messaging Initiative

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jan 27 10:50:19 EST 2009

> I'm not sure there is a clear black & white distinction.  
> |
> What about the nets or individual repeater operators that play 
> "Newsline" once a week not knowing who may be listening, even (heaven 
> forbid) non-hams with scanners?

I'm not saying there's a clear dividing line.  But how many of these 
regulations were written 30 years ago or more when we didn't have things 
like mesh networking, and digital modes were still mostly for 
keyboard-to-keyboard communications?

Any proposed rules should be carefully composed and reviewed by a lawyer 
familiar with the field to make sure they say what they need to say. 
And we'll still never foresee all possible future applications, but we 
can at least bring the rules up to date with current technology.


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