[aprssig] What is the best GPS Data RX on the market now?

Joshua Fuller KJ4EWA kj4ewa at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 13:18:47 EST 2009

Hi Rich,

I have a D710 myself. I can't recommend the GPS-710 enough from Green Light

Here is the manufacturers website: http://tinyurl.com/d8hsbb
Here is a link to eHam.coms reviews: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/7608

I have two actually. I bought my D710 from Universal Radio and later found
out that it was back ordered. I had ordered my GPS-710 to go along with it
from the manufacturers website so it arrived plenty sooner than the actual
radio. To make a long story short I put the GPS up out of the way in a safe
place and forgot where I stashed it (Kitchen cupboard, why I put it there
I'll never know). I thought my wife threw it away so I bit the bullet and
ordered a new one. I found it a couple weeks later so I have a completely
working second GPS.

My D710 is hardwired to my battery so I can have the radio on when the car
is off... Killed my battery twice by accident. Oops. The GPS locks on in
under ~2 seconds from turning the radio on. Its great.

Anyways since I have a second one I can't use, I'd be more than happy to
just ship it to you so at least someone could use it if your interested. I
have all the original parts with it in the original static bag. GPS, sticky
tape, instructions, alcohol pad, and two adapter cables. One is a serial
cable the other is a power cable. You can see all the details on Green Light
Labs website.

Free no strings attached and nothing funny.
I know its weird to get something for free from a stranger on the internet
so I understand if your not interested for that reason.
Let me know if your interested.

Joshua Fuller
Navarre, Florida
QRZ Lookup: http://www.qrz.com/kj4ewa
Homepage: http://joshuafuller.blogspot.com/
Where am I now ?: http://aprs.fi/?call=kj4ewa-9

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Rich Garcia <k4gpsc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well after so many years both my Garmin GPS II and GPS V have bit the
> I have not bought a GPS in a long time and wish to have one burried under
> the dash. Currently my Trimble patch sits under the dash with the GPS V in
> the glove box and I wish to replace the antenna with the whole GPS like a
> Garmin or Delu.
> What is the best suggestion this will be NEMA RS232 Only going into a
> Kenwood D710 and hard wired to allways on via the fuse block? I checked
> Scott's web page and it seems Garmin has a problem currently with the
> and the Delu...well not too sure if it's worth the money. It does not need
> to be mag mount but it would be nice since there is a nice bracket under
> dash I can get to that is metal and makes a nice stealth install. 12V
> would be a requirement, not really intrested in having to make a 5V
> cludge and having to hide more wires/boxes under a tight dash.
> Thanks,
> Rich K4GPS
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