[aprssig] Failed APRS?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 19 17:45:24 EST 2009

>> He did.  He made it very clear that 
>> he was running a 10 WATT MicroTrak.
> Then it seems the obvious solution is 
> a KW amplifier for his MicroTrak!

A lot of people would say that he needs to run 50 watts, but again, that is just fixing one individuals problem by stepping on someone else and reducing his.  The bottom line in this national 144.39 RF network is to give local packets PRIORITY over out-of-area packets.  Then everyone is heard reliably locally and at least the first hop.

The number one-easiest way for a CLUB or GROUP of local individuals to take control of their destiny and improve their tracking to nearly 100% is to simply add a 144.99 receiver at their local digi that then digipeats onto 144.39.  Then those local users use a TX offset of +600 on their APRS mobiles.  TO them (receiving APRS while mobile), nothing has changed.

But on TX +600, they only compete with each other locally on the input (maybe 3% of the total channel traffic).  And then when their packets are digipeated, they are inserted at the DIGI so it is like giving local's pre-emptive priority over all out of area traffic.  Done.

BUT it only works in their local area, but then, at least it gives THEM total access to their network, while letting them see out-of-area traffic that makes it through.  Everyone including visitors still see everything on 144.39.

Of course, it would work everywhere if we can get larger areas to add the AUX 144.99 receivers.  

Any visitor that enters the area, cal also gain priority by switching to +600 when he sees he LOCAL DIGI beacon that says "W2+, SSn-N" instead of the usual info "W2, SSn-N".

Bob, Wb4APR

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