[aprssig] Somewhat OT - Seeking Ham-friendly mobile cell ban legislation?

Magne Mæhre magne at samfundet.no
Sat Jan 17 10:54:39 EST 2009

K7FTP wrote:
> Can anyone point me to an example of enacted (yet ham-friendly) mobile cell 
> phone ban legislation?
> One of our wonderful nanny-state legislators wants to ban everything 
> including two-way radio except in an emergency. 

Norway..   http://www.lovdata.no/for/sf/sd/xd-19991217-1309.html

A rough translation: "The driver of an automotive vehicle must not use
a mobile phone while driving, unless the phone during use is mounted
in a ... permanent holder in the vehicle.  The holder must be placed in
the immediate vicinity of the steering wheel, and as close to the
driver's normal view field as practically possible, unless the holder
is an original integrated part of the vehicle.

A mobile phone is defined as "radio equipment for communication over a
public network".  "Use" is defined as "any use, including all use of
the keyboard, converstion, reception of call, reception of, or sending
messages or text"

In the parliament proposition, it's specifically argued that other
communication systems (i.e not phones) is not included in the ban,
mainly because the size of that potential problem is not big, and
the lawmaker does not want to interfere, at this point, with other
services' use of radio communication.

--Magne / LA1BFA

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