[aprssig] New Firmware for the D710

Jesse (KC5LOS) kc5los at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 00:11:55 EST 2009

No to point out the obvious.. But the upgrade instructions do state to 
backup your radio before doing this upgeade with the MCP software! HIHI

But then again if you are riding passenger you can get all back in with 
the PMs setup right as well.

Only thing I found was the digipeat function doesn't work if the DCD 
sense is setup for IGNORE. Don't remember this being a issue before but 
then again I don't digipeat very often unless I am out in the rural areas..


Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>   Which update do we do 1st. Main Firmware then the
>>   Operation Panel.
> Im not sure.  I think the insructions are there on the web pages, though it took a lot of reading.  I have kept my radio current, so all I needed was the display panel update.
> THough at the end they do say to do a FULL RESET so I lost all 100 memories.  But I have a 1600 mile drive, plenty of time to reload (though doing it from the PC would have been smarter, if I had a copy of the MCP program with me).
> Bob, Wb4APR

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