[aprssig] APRS<=>E-mail

Kurt Kochendarfer ke7kus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 10:05:05 EST 2009

I know it's not the "Universal" e-mail<=>APRS system that would be ideal
for Universal Text Messaging, but I am about 75% complete with writing
an e-mail<=>APRS engine that individual hams could download and setup on
a computer and would move e-mail from one e-mail account they designate
to one APRS Call/SSID and vice versa.  Not universal, but it does bring
the functionality to those hams who want it and don't mind doing a
little legwork to get it set up. 

I already use GMail, so I set up the engine to move mail from my GMail
account, which leaves the spam filtering to the Google side of things.
I set up a dedicated GMail account just for this purpose, so I can set
up my own strict list of filters, whitelist members, etc.  The engine
strips HTML out of incoming mail, but that's about all the processing I
saw a need for, since Google's spam filters seem to work so well.


> how about a potential solution...
> Let's set up a gmail account for 
> all the "aprs Email", use it to
> filter the spam and then use its 
> rich routing options to disburse 
> the email to the varied aliases.
> It probably won't handle the 5K+ 
> APRS active hams but it would make 
> a good primary filter.  Other 
> routing mechanisms could be used 
> for the final delivery...

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