[aprssig] Gathering HT data

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 4 08:49:53 EST 2009


Having copies of all 3 in the family, I can confirm that the Icom IC-Z1A 
and IC-W32A all use the same pinout as the IC-T7H you have listed, top 
mount. (I try to stay to those models to keep some compatibility among 
the radios I, my wife and daughter use).

I have a couple of other models I need to double check before posting.


Scott Miller wrote:

> Common 3.5mm earphone / 2.5mm mic
> (note side or top mount, top usually can't take right angle)
> ICOM (some models support optional screw-locks)
> *IC-V82/U82 (side, looks like screw-lock option?)
> *IC-V8 (side, screw)
> *IC-V85 (side, screw)
> *IC-91A (top)
> *IC-T7H (top)
> *IC-T90A (top)

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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