[aprssig] Snap shot WW APRS usage

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 3 18:35:52 EST 2009

> Over the last 3 weeks I have taken 
> a snap shot of 10297 APRS stations...
>  666   RELAY,WIDE,TRACE,WIDEn-n,TRACEn-n  8.8%
>   13   RELAY,WIDEn-n,TRACEn-              0.2%
>  462   RELAY,TRACEn-n                     6.1%
>  221   RELAY,WIDEn-n                      2.8%
>   74   WIDEn-n,TRACEn-n                   1.0%
> 6128   WIDE1-1,WIDEn-n                   81.1%
> 2693   No path / Unknown
> it was clear that the majority of 
> users have voted and moved to the 
> new WIDEn-n,WIDEn-n 

Great analysis.  I wonder about the totoal of 10297?  Is that all the stations on the air world wide?  or was there some kind of front end limiter?  We used to see 30k users over such curveys.  That is a small number if it represents the entire worldwide stream?

Also, I'd not like to see the new paradigm referred to as "WIDEn-N,WIDEn-N" beacuse that implies a choice in the use of the first and last N's.  In fact, there is no choice in the first N.  It must be one (1) if it exists.

We do not want to imply to even the most casual observer that there is the potential for multiple n-N hops combined together.  That, in fact, is an abuse of the system.  So the basic path for the New N paradigm is either "WIDEn-N" by itself or "WIDE1-1,WIDEn-N" and the phrase "with small values of N".

Its a small distinction but a HUGE difference in network loading.

Thanks.  and good work!


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