[aprssig] Snap shot WW APRS usage

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jan 3 17:17:35 EST 2009

        Over the last 3 weeks I have taken a snap shot of APRS usage with
Andy Pritchards Network Analysis V 1.1.8 connected to
the 14580 unfiltered port with a 1million K range

While this is only a snap shot of 10246 stations from around the world it
does show that the current trend is towards
a unified path paradigm WIDEn-N, WIDEn-N

This snapshot excluded TCPIP  /CW/DW stations and includes no path / unknown

On the fist 1000 stations recorded the trend was 10 to 1 for the New
paradigm WIDEn-N

10297 Total Stations 

666      RELAY,WIDE,TRACE,WIDEn-n,TRACEn-n              8.8%
13        RELAY,WIDEn-n,TRACEn-n                                        0.2%
462      RELAY,TRACEn-n                                                     
221      RELAY,WIDEn-n                                                      
74        WIDEn-n,TRACEn-n                                                  
6128    WIDE1-1,WIDEn-n                                                     

2693    No path / Unknown

It was a rather difficult task to take on as there is so much data that the
PC even though it was fast I couldn't break 
15000 recorded in this time I put this down to the PC / software and the
ADSL but from the onset of this snap shot it was clear
that the majority of users have voted and moved to the new WIDEn-n, WIDEn-n 

73 Phillip 

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