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I think that Bob clarified it pretty well when he agreed that a non-US ham should be focused fist and foremost on their own nation's IARU society.  I agree.  The support of non-US hams for ARRL is appreciated by its staff and officer, of course, but I also appreciate hams that offer their support through their own society.  In terms of routine ARRL services like article copies or answers to technical questions, I usually treat hams that are members of their own society the same as I would an ARRL member.  
Although we have a lot in common, the needs of each nation's hams have national and regional differences and it is important that  the organizationa, strength of Amateur Radio come from as large and diverse a base as possible.
That strength and diversity would be weakened if there were not many national societies.  It would also be weakened if there were not many organizations and groups representing and promoting specific interests in Amateur Radio.  Digital operation and QRP are two examples, and groups like TAPR and QRP ARCI represent those interests better than any more general organizations like IARU societies can.
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>There are other countries beside the USA

Yes, we have to subtlely include that in a message to international
email and news groups every now and then...

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