[aprssig] PBH-10 Transatlantic Balloon Flight Delayed - Anticipate Launch Window of 0000-0300 UTC, 4 May 2009; PBH Website Now Available

PBH Pbh pbhdata at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 22:20:46 EDT 2009

All - Thanks for your interest and discussion over the past few days. We
want to give you a status update:

   - The launch has been postponed. It appears that the best weather for
   launching is 0000-0300 UTC, 4 May 2009, though this may change with
   relatively short notice based on ground wind conditions at the launch site
   and the position of the jetstream relative to the launch area. To clarify:
   we do anticipate the best time to launch is 0000-0300 UTC; however, the
   exact launch day may move to the right or left from 4 May 2009.
   - For those of you interested in monitoring us via APRS, our beacon's
   call sign will be KC2TUA-10
   - For those with HF CW monitoring capabilities on 40m, our HF frequency
   will be HF 7.1025 MHz +/-300 Hz.
   - When you hear us on HF, please be sure to email us at
pbhdata at gmail.comas well as Ralph Wallio
   *W0RPK at netINS.net** *with telemetry readings, especially once we reach
   the ocean and are beyond line-of-sight from APRS stations in North America.
   This way, we can ensure we have the most exact telemetry data for record
   keeping. W0RPK is the official record keeper for Amateur Radio High Altitude
   Ballooning Flight records.
   - If you do monitor us via HF, please send to pbhdata at gmail.com your
   email and phone in your ham shack so we can contact you during the mission.
   If you would like, please also send us your call sign, latitude, and
   longitude so we can post them on our integrated map to recognize your
   contribution publicly (of course, we will not post your email and phone
   - After much discussion with our team as well as reading your excellent
   posts, we have decided to launch using the standard North American APRS
   frequency (144.390MHz) instead of using the European frequency (144.800MHz).
   This will offer us the best situational awareness when we fly over North
   America, while also avoiding any interference with North American repeaters
   whose inputs are around 144.800MHz. We thank you all for your input.

Thanks again for all your interest and support. Our website is now online
with background information on the program, information about our previous
two flights (PBH-8 and PBH-9), and a few pictures, too! Additionally, our
Twitter account is always the best place for up-to-the minute data. We'll
see you in the air and on the radio!

Tom Triebwasser (KC2TUA) on behalf of Team PBH
pbhdata at gmail.com
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