[aprssig] Anyone using an old Garmin III (not "street pilot III") with a D700?

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Sun Apr 26 08:16:13 EDT 2009

On Sat, 25 Apr 2009, Tom Russo wrote:

> On a SAR DF practice today, I was sending out DF bearing objects from Xastir,
> and one of the field guys who was using an ancient Garmin III GPS with his
> D700 was having fits.
> Apparently, this GPS, or at least the one he has, is rejecting every single
> waypoint the D700 sends him for *any* objects.

I sometimes use a GPS-II+ with a Tracker2 and have the same problem.
I believe I reported it to the Tracker2 list but don't recall seeing
any solution for it.  I have to hit <Enter> periodically while I'm
driving 'cuz it gets stuck on that screen.  The Tracker2 is creating
waypoints to send to the GPS based on heard APRS station location,
similar to the D700 (and Xastir for that matter).

The GPS-II+ can only handle up to six digits for a waypoint name but
my Tracker2 is set to max six digits.

It could be the 500 waypoint limit that the GPS-II+ has.

Ask Scott:  He actively collected GPS'es for a while for testing and
must have amassed a good database of various capabilities by now.

I remember a problem with newer NMEA heading TO the D700/D7A when
they added another digit after the decimal point in the lat/long,
but that problem is in the wrong direction (and the GPS is too old
for that).  A newer version of firmware ("D7A(G)") fixed that.

There was another problem having to do with a decimal point? in an
object name, but again I think that was a D700 bug, not a GPS bug.
I think that one locked up the D700.

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