[aprssig] lat,log incorrect at kc8gkf-5

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Mon Apr 13 23:36:47 EDT 2009

At 03:50 PM 4/13/2009, Mr Jeffrey L Ross wrote:
>hi folks, wondering why or where did the 
>software get that lat, long for my kc8gkf-5 uiss!

Ok, first things first. Which software? If you 
don't include all the information it makes it really hard to help.

>I have placed 43.14 , 086.14 and it shows 43.24 
>086.24. why is it not what I placed in the software?

This is most probably a notational error:

43.24º is 43º14' and 86.24º is 86º14'

In each case the first number is in decimal 
degrees and the second is in degrees  and 
minutes. In general, you need to understand what 
units the software is displaying and realize that 
looking at the same location in two different 
APRS clients may display the location in 
different representations. Some APRS clients have 
facilities to convert between the different 
representations. The most "normal" representation 
in APRS is degrees minutes and decimal minutes.

Note that UI-View uses a confusing representation 
with two decimal points but it really uses 
degrees, minutes and decimal minutes.

Your main options for displaying latitude and longitude are:
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds - Dº M' S"
Degrees, Minutes, Decimal Minutes - Dº M.m'
Degrees, Decimal Minutes - D.Mº

For conversion purposes:
60 minutes is one degree, 60 seconds is one minute

Hope this helps

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