[aprssig] Secondary links (Huntsville) for the AT experiment

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 7 11:42:48 EDT 2009

In addition to the 13 states with the Appalachian Trail, there
is no reason why we cannot also have secondary outward linear
links to other areas and states.

For example using Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, we can link
the 140 miles to Huntsville Alabama:

For this first annual experiment, these secondary links will
-listen- to the main Appalachian Link system but then digipeat
onto another frequency so the interface is one-way only so that
they do not add any QRM to the experiment.  But this way, all
packets traversing the AT link system will be forwarded along
their length too as long as there are N hops remaining on the
LINK7-7 packets.

I was amazed to see, howver, that there are no existing APRS
digipeaters on the Huntsville mountains!  The only digi is at 80
feet in the middle of town.?


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