[aprssig] [APRSSIG] Universal APRS Messaging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 28 11:05:02 EDT 2008

>> Another thing we can do is have any 
>> such message generated by a non-RF device 
>> insert its own ID in the message.  My
>> thoughts are in the LINE number field....
> Per the spec, message numbers are used only 
> if an ACK is expected. I.. realized the numbers 
> should not be there for this application...

I disagree here.  No matter where someone initiates an APRS
message, that person should fully expect the established APRS
processing and that includes retries and ACKS.  As I posted
earlier, there are some basics that any APRS messaging portal
should implment to be compatible with the expectations of APRS.

0) It should have a sender validation system

1) It should be transmitted using the decay algorithm....
(to improve reliability of delivery)

2) It should have a line number so that it is acked

3) It should display to the sender the status of retries and
acks and when it has timed out.

4) It should identify the sending processor 

Without these, it does not meet the expectations of an APRS
message system.  And without consitent implementations, APRS can
fragment into icompatible systems and feifdoms and not provide
the universal text-messaging system we desire.

(still catching up on backloged email Im up to the 22nd now)

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