[aprssig] [APRSSIG] Universal Messaging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 28 09:50:44 EDT 2008

> as to why we could not send messages to 
> cell phones via text messages. We CAN. 
> Each cell phone has an email address 
> and if you send an email via APRSLink..
> [or] the APRS email gateway as well. 

I think what I was after was a way for people to register their
Cellphone address on some central APRS server so that senders
did not need to know the actual email address, just the
callsign.  That is my goal, universal text messaging via
callsign alone.

P.S. Somehow I got bumped off the APRSSIG and have missed
everything for the last two weeks.  So if you expected an answer
from me, and didn't get it, then its because I never saw it.


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