[aprssig] Tickets CAD Version 2.9 Beta is Available

Arnie Shore 3ashore at Comcast.net
Tue Oct 28 07:36:50 EDT 2008

Folks, here's what's included:

1. APRS data handling has been significantly corrected and improved. 
Repeated zero-speed posreps are not retained in the database.

2. Dispatching a unit that has its 'contact via' setting an email 
address - including one for cellphone texting - generates mail to that 

3. Cellphones/texting messages will be automatically 'chunked' to 
reflect the size limit per message.  A cell/text address is detected by 
a match against a LONG list of domains, both US and overseas.

4. Operator-level users may now perform all needed ticket, unit and 
dispatch data updates.

5. The database schema is expanded to accommodate future growth in 
Tickets capabilities.  Teams and members - with attributes of titles, 
skills, courses taken, certificates gained, plus document management
and photos - are now schema elements, although without any code in this 

6. 'Notifies' is expanded to accommodate automatic notification via 
email/texting whenever any ticket is edited or written, with a filter 
for incident severity.

Download from SourceForge at

Join discussion group at

Still free, still Open Source, still OS-agnostic, and supports IE, 
Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers
> Arnie Shore
> Annapolis, MD

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