[aprssig] Universal APRS messaging

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Thu Oct 23 15:17:48 EDT 2008

              While what is proposed seems to be great I would like to issue
a word of warning.

Not every country in the world have their REGs  alined with the USA what may
be ok in the US may not be ok
in the UK / AUS / NZ etc 

If you want to be able to do this Universal APRS Web based messaging and you
put in position the means to do it then you as the site owner could be held

There should be a secure way of checking who places the message and the
content of the message...

Here in NZ we had the very same question arrive some years back when Packet
BBS's and  the Internet arrived in force our Regulation Body was asked some
questions and the out come was that the originator would be responsible ..

The only problem was authenticating the originator this still stands today 

When the LIST messages where placed on the BBS packet system there where
filters put in place to check content, this went some way 
on the right road to capture the  " Bad Words" etc and is still in place
today and it works very well. The authenticating then passed to the BBS
operator releasing these messages it was his station callsign attached .

I agree with Steve on the problems associated with open Universal APRS
messaging and the efforts he has put in to FINDU and keep it 
to what it is.

I believe he has raised some very valid points and he is within his right to
protect his idea and the community it supports.

I would say that authenticating a message on APRS would fall on the server
owner who allows these messages to be passed on
to the APRS community 

As an Igate sysop if the Universal APRS messaging gets out of control and is
abused then the easiest  way would be to exclude 
messaging from the Igate  every Igate Sysop is in control of his / her own

Bob, you want Universal APRS messaging and software writers to produce
software how about getting on to those that have 
these programs and get them to either update them or release them to others
that can carry on improving them 
APRS/CE would be a go start ...

Is APRS turning into the un connected BBS look alike it sure looks like it
is heading that way ....

Just my thoughts


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