[aprssig] TWP Local Info messages etc on a D7

Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Oct 20 04:02:07 EDT 2008


Just how do I stop such Local Information messages from getting zapped a
fraction of a second later, when the next beacon comes in on a D7?
(Assuming it somehow manages to display a three line message, on a two
line window!)  I'm not going to pull over to mess with the message list,
nor mess with it while driving, am I?   Is there a setting I havent
found on the D7(e) that "fixes" such messages so they can be seen?   Or
is this a fundamental flaw in the scheme of things?


Dave G0WBX.

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> >> This of course is all part of the display of local APRS 
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> >> mobile / portable APRS operator...
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> Hoof-In-Mouth with blinders hear.  Should have clicked on 
> link above for details first.
> No need to respond.
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