[aprssig] Universal APRS messaging

Gregory A. Carter gcarter at openaprs.net
Sun Oct 19 20:53:56 EDT 2008

By your standards of "martarism" then every APRS software developer should
just disable APRS Messaging altogether to protect iGate owners from

As stated before, you cannot send a message from OpenAPRS without verifying
your account and any message you send is logged and is restricted to only be
sent from your callsign.  Sounds like accountability to me.  It won't be an
different when using the OpenAPRs's iPhone app since the app doesn't send
the messages through APRS-IS it uses OpenAPRS's propriatery DCC interface
which has direct authentication control and uses the same verification
system that the web interface uses.

I fail to see how the level of control we have implimented threatens the
remote iGate user.  I'm content with agreeing to disagree with you and
leaving it at that.


OpenAPRS.Net(sorry if there is a double post, I keep sending to the list
from the wrong return address on accident which I'm assuming will get

> > we've done the best we can to prevent abuse but as you stated below
> > it is an imperfect system.
> I disagree completely. I think as an APRS developer I have a choice to
> release only those things which will not place other people's
> license's (and finances) in jeopardy!
> Steve K4HG
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