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Tue Oct 14 12:02:19 EDT 2008

Cross post from another list I'm on:

I received an update on Keith's condition from his brother, Mark.  I
am enclosing his messages below.

As many of you already know, my brother Keith was critically injured
in a ballooning accident in Albuquerque, NM Friday when the balloon
he was in was blown into power lines.  Apparently what happened is
they were coming down for a landing and actually had touched down.
Suddenly the wind picked up to 20 mph and blew them into the power
lines. The basket caught fire and both pilots fell through the
bottom. This is purely speculation on my part from what I have pieced
together. It is not clear at this point which one of them was
piloting the balloon.

Keith fell at least 20 feet and landed on his right side. He has
several broken ribs, punctured lungs, broken leg, broken hip and
pelvis and has a fractured spine. He also received burns to the face
but it turned out to no worse than severe case of sunburn.

As of Sunday, they have operated on his leg and have closed his chest
after repairing the lungs.  They finally gave us some news on the
spine and it is very good. The spinal fracture is very low, below any
point that can cause problems. He has had movement in both feet from
the beginning, this is all VERY promising.

He has been kept heavily sedated most of the time however on Saturday
he was allowed to wake up a little and was able to nod his head,
wiggle his toes and squeeze peoples hands. He is on a ventilator so
he cannot talk.

The other pilot in the balloon was killed instantly.

quoted from a web site

Leyendecker said a Wells Fargo fund has been started to benefit
Lachendro's and Sproul's families, and the hotels where they are
staying have made their rooms free for as long as they need them.

How to help:

A fund has been established to benefit the families of Steve Lachendro
and Keith Sproul. To donate, go to any local Wells Fargo and ask to
donate to the account, which is under the name Debbie Sproul.

Here is additional info on how to contribute which was received

The news on Keith is good. The doctors are all pleased with his
progress. He is still heavily sedated

Cards Letters and Donations can be sent to

Debbie Sproul
c/o Garry Haruska
7305 Montano Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114 

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