[aprssig] More on DTMF Messaging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 8 18:46:30 EDT 2008

APRStt DTMF messaging:
> FT-51R 10 memories of 12 char. DTMF messages, 
>        10 memories for 15-digit DTMF Dialer. 
> Letters are selected by pressing the TT# 
> and then selecting one of three keys to id the 
> letter. (e.g. for the letter K you'd press the 
> "5" key and then the MHz Down/"B" key.

Wait, this sounds like a "message system" why else would they
have a LETTER selection method.  It sounds like the same
"message" entry format in the TH-78.  Does this mean that Yaesu
and Kenwood had compatible DTMF text messaging back then?  How
long ago were these sold?

We can exploit this easily in APRS! On the APRStt channel.
Imagine driving into a strange town with your TH78 or FT51
monitoring the APRStt simplex channel (147.51).  Soon your TH78
or FT51 could display on the front panel the recommended VOICE
FREQUENCY for that area just like we do in APRS..

Everyone, keep that info coming.  Lets figure out text messaging
for ALL ham radios.

See www.aprs.org/aprstt/radios.txt


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